Value Investing Software

Quantitative Value Investing

Our value investing and dividend growth screeners are based on a proprietary value investing software. Our software provides several features dedicated to fundamental investors who want to invest by applying systematic quantitative value investing strategies:

Design and definition of custom stock screeners: the screeners apply ranking factors, thresholds, sector and industry criteria to identify investment opportunities. The ranking methods are inspired by Joe Greenblatt's Magic Formula or James O'Shaughnessy. For instance, a screener can pick the 20 companies with the lowest PER in the semiconductor sector or in the technology industry. Multiple criteria can be used simultaneously.

Long term back testing of value investing strategies: the value investing software enables to measure the long term performance (backtesting) of a quantitative value investing strategy on a given period of time: IRR, volatility, history of stocks picked, exposure to sectors and industries.

Machine learning and strategy optimization: our value investing software allows the optimization of quantitative value investing strategies by applying advanced machine learning algorithms. 

Daily execution of value investing quantitative strategies: our value investing software then allows the users to execute the value investing strategies that they have decided to follow: it uploads up to date fundamental data and pricing data to provide the target portfolio matching the chosen strategy.